Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31 for 21, Day 27 Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Austin’s bed time routine has worked very well for all us. It’s always the same routine each night so he knows what to expect. Just as I started to really enjoy sleep again…Austin has decided he doesn’t not want to sleep in his crib. It gets better…just wait. We swaddle him, kiss him goodnight and put him in bed. The past 2 nights, he’s screamed and cried so badly that he‘s made himself sick. He’s also vomited in bed the past 2 nights. It took less than 5 minutes for him to vomit tonight. We know his teeth are bothering him, but it seems as though he has severe separation anxiety from me. The second I pick him up, change his vomit soaked clothes and clean him up…he’s fine. When he’s sitting in Ryan’s lap watching T.V, he’s constantly reaching for me and looking over at me. Don’t get me wrong, I love that he loves me so much. However, I pray this is a phase. I don’t know what to do? The Ferber method worked well, but this is completely different. He’s not crying it out…he’s melting down to the point of vomiting. I might be strong enough to make it through the Ferber method (And that was only by the grace of God and my amazing husband.) However, I’m not strong enough to let him have a meltdown to the point of making himself sick.

Ryan and I prayed in his room before he went to bed. Yes, he threw up 10 minutes later...but we’re definitely going to continue praying in there.
If anyone has any tips or advice, please share! I’m desperate. I’m thinking about calling his doctor tomorrow…and she’ll probably think I’m crazy for calling about what I think is severe separation anxiety. I just don’t like that he’s vomiting every night.
Mommy let me play with wrapping paper. In case you can’t tell, I have an irrational fear of Austin lying on the carpet…and he rolls around the living room, so we have blankets down when he’s playing.
I was washing dishes and looked up and saw this...he's using his favorite stuffed puppy as a pillow. Who needs a pillow pet?

Mommy's letting me explore more and and more when it comes to self feeding. Oh, it was a mess...but he had fun. :)


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  1. look at your big boy! ahhh, he is no longer a little baby huh? Stick with it mamma, I know it can be hard getting them down to sleep, I ferberized Mason, but I have totally learned that every baby is soooo different. You will find what works best for Austin. Oh and btw, love the t-shirts for your buddy walk, they ROCK!