Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31 for 21, Day 26

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Austin started out strong…like a long distance runner, he started off rather fast at first. However, he’s starting to slow down. I knew there would be delays. I told myself I would be prepared for them, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I need to stop reading those emails from the baby websites…”Your child at 8 months.” It’s a reminder that he doesn’t sit independently. And I need to start table food in the next month or so. Most of all, I need to stop dwelling on the things Austin hasn’t mastered yet and focus on what he HAS mastered.

The company that's making our Buddy Walk Team T-shirts emailed me a sample of our shirt today.

Isn't it awesome? HUGE props to my husband for designing such an awesome shirt.

I’m going to copy a fellow blogger and list my guilty pleasures:

1. True Crime. I love the books, T.V shows…all of it. Forensic Files is music to my ears. I miss the original Unsolved Mysteries.

2. Celebrity Gossip. Whether it’s on E, TMZ, Perezhilton.com or in People Magazine…I’m keeping up with it. I also know better than to believe EVERYTHING, but it doesn’t stop me from reading it.

3. Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant on MTV. I know, I know…how old am I? Try as I might, I cannot turn away from these train wrecks.

4. Chocolate. There are few things can instantly take the edge off of stress, even it’s only a temporary fix.

Have a good night, all.

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  1. I thought I would be ready to face the delays as well, but for some reason this week I am struggling with it all...These feelings will pass though...And you are right, its best to focus on what our kids CAN do.
    Love the shirts...Austins Angels, too cute!
    Oh, I watch 16 and pregnant too! LOL...I dont know why, I just want to smack all the kids on there, ha ha