Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 for 21 Day 10

Excited to go on a shopping adventure with Mommy and Nana.

My parents came to visit us this weekend. They were originally going to come for Austin's surgery. However, they decided to come another time since the surgery was rescheduleled. On Thursday my mom decided that she couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to see they drove up here on Friday. It was so nice having them here and Austin was spoiled (more than usual) by his Nana. It was also nice because Ryan and I were able to go out on a "date" for my birthday. We both missed our sweet baby, but we knew he was in good hands.
Austin and Nana

Austin telling Papa why he doesn't need to go to bed.

I know this month is supposed to be about advocating and blogging about Down syndrome. And don't get me wrong, a lot of these posts will be about Down syndrome. On the other hand, I feel that it's important for everyone to know that Down syndrome isn't what our life is all about. We have good and bad days...just like everyone else. Some days I'm reminded more than others that Austin has Down syndrome. The majority of the time I'm too busy being a mom.  :)

Austin and Mommy

And last, but not least...

Check out my babylegs!

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