Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise...

Or just another day in the life of a busy stay at home AND GO GO GO mom. ..

It’s been a busy week and it’s only Tuesday (technically it's almost Wednesday). Austin has been having a difficult time in Physical Therapy. He’s unable to concentrate and appears to be seeking out movement. This is often referred to as “Sensory Seeking Vestibular Sensations.”  Our awesome PT mentioned that his behavior seemed to coincide with some type of sensory issue. THANK GOD she noticed because I was convinced my child had endless energy and no fear.  I emailed our OT to discuss and she gave me some helpful tips that can be implemented in Austin’s daily routine.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE our therapists! I know I've stated this before, but words cannot descrive how awesome they are.

Some of Austin’s behaviors are age appropriate. However, a lot of his behavior coincides with a Vestibular Hyposensitivity.  I was never alarmed because Austin never seemed to shy away from bouncing, being thrown in the air, playing “airplane” or any type of activity that involves vigorous movement.  I thought Austin was “really tough” because he rarely seems to notice when he falls down, runs into something, etc. In fact, he laughs when I think he should be crying.  I also thought he was a “dare devil” because he literally seems to have no fear (yet, he’s careful in his own way when doing these fear filled activities- if that makes sense?)  He also LOVES the therapy swing (the kind where he’s basically wrapped up in a sheet and cannot see anything.)  Apparently, this type of movement calms him down. His OT had him in the swing for 10 minutes this morning and when she took him out he was incredibly calm and much less hyper. It was actually AMAZING to see.

There are other activities that we are going to incorporate into his daily life that will help him with this sensory issue. I believe I read (although I cannot recall where?) that all children with hypotonia (low muscle tone) have some type of sensory issue or issues.  I’m not sure if that statement is entirely true- as I don’t remember the source. It’s interesting to ponder though.

 Here are a few “traits” of a  Vestibular Hyposensitivity:
• Loves amusement park rides (he will when he’s old enough)
• Described as hyperactive – always running, jumping, and hopping (YES! He’s also been described as a “handful.” I prefer the term “hyperactive.”)
• Engages in rocking or rhythmic movements
(Not that I’m aware of? At least not on his own? He likes to be rocked…but doesn’t rock himself necessarily.)

• Trouble sitting still or staying seated (Yes! However, would this not describe most 2 year olds?)
• May vigorously shake head or rock rhythmically
(Sporadically, at most.)

• Crave intense movement including jumping, upside-down positions (YES!!)
• Enjoy swinging very high (The higher the better!)
• Loves seesaws, teeter totters or trampolines more than other children (YES!!)
• Can’t seem to sit still (Again, this describes most 2 year olds?)
• Likes spinning in circles (I suppose he does? He likes it when I’m holding him and spin in circles.)
I feel like I’m constantly on the GO! Austin goes to bed around 8:30. I can usually muster up enough energy to answer a few emails, fold laundry, take a shower and maybe watch a few shows on the DVR. It doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon- so we will just take everything in stride and keep on, keepin’ on.

It looks like I had time to update my blog tonight- which is always a plus! Life is good. God is great!  Until next time