Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings & Fun At The Park

November already?

Austin is still going strong and doing well. The changes that we've made diet wise seem to be working well. The test results should be in at the end of the week. We have a follow up appointment with Dr. C on Friday...so perhaps we'll receive the results then?

No, he doesn't use this carseat as he's obviously way TOO big for it. Miss T uses it when she's here...apparently, the infant carseat and bumbo chair are his new favorite "toys."

We didn't really have any plans for Halloween. I planned on taking Austin and Miss T to the pumpkin patch, but we were never able to go because Austin was always so sick. Our friends, Abbie, Rick and Baby Noah (I've written about them before, they have an awesome website that I mentioned a few weeks ago- check it out) invited us to go trick-or-treating with them. It's nice to have friends that live so close...they literally live a minute away from us.  Austin and Noah scored a lot of candy for their parents. I haven't let Austin eat candy, although I'm certain he'd enjoy it. He's a little young. For now, I'm perfectly okay with him not knowing what candy is (or how good it tastes.) Not to mention, he's been eating ridiculously healthy foods lately, which makes me a very happy Mommy! :)

Baby Noah as a Lion and Austin as Superman.

November is going to be busy! I have a baby shower to go to for our near and dear friend, Amy. Amy is the one who gave me an amazing baby shower for Austin. The next weekend is Miss T's 1st birthday and THE BUDDY WALK! I have to squeeze in Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards too.  I'm in the middle of scheduling a photo with our fabulous photographer. Thank God she's flexible.

For those whom don't know, Miss T is a sweet little girl that hangs out with us during the week...and we also take her to private therapy. Austin and Miss T have busy schedules and they handle it so well. It's rare that we have a day that doesn't involve therapy. I took advantage of that rarity today and decided to take them to the park. We fed the ducks, read a few books and even sang a few songs.

Life is beautiful and good.

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  1. Oh how fun- I bet they had a great time Trick or Treating! I love Austin's costume. He's such a handsome guy.