Monday, November 21, 2011

If You Only Knew

I never knew I could love someone so much. Fear and uncertainty stopped my husband and I in our tracks on that March day back in 2010 when we received the results from the karyotype. I remember looking down at my beautiful two and a half week old baby boy and knowing that I could never tell him that there was something wrong with him.

I love how our photographer captured his beautiful features and personality. And these pictures are just a tiny piece of how wonderful this little boy is. He’s silly, sweet, funny, determined, feisty and full of personality.  I cannot ( and would never want to) imagine him being anyone else but who he is, which is why I wouldn’t change anything about Austin.

It’s easy to look at a picture and think that he or she doesn’t fit society’s idea of what one should look like.  I pity those whom are that shallow and superficial. Oh, if you only knew…how thankful I am to God for blessing us with a child that has Down syndrome. And you’ll never understand it unless you’ve experienced having the pleasure of truly knowing an individual with Down syndrome.

It’s no secret that there are extra challenges that come with Down syndrome. We have a crazy schedule that entails therapy 4 times a week, extra appointments with specialists and doctors. Yet, I wouldn’t change a thing. Not. One. Thing. At the end of the day, I'm the one who is blessed to have the privilege of being this little guy’s mom.

If you only knew...


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back

Did everyone remember to set the clocks back an hour? I used to take full advantage of that extra hour of sleep when “falling backwards.” Believe it or not, I’m not bothered by not sleeping in an extra hour these days. Waking up with Austin in the morning is the best! He’s definitely a morning person. I wonder where he gets that…Maybe his dad? He certainly doesn’t get it from me. It’s no big secret that I’m not a morning person. However, if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn…there’s no better person to wake up with than my happy little guy.

Austin had a runny nose and cough while we were in the hospital. I was concerned and mentioned it to the doctors numerous times, but they brushed it off…saying it was probably “viral.” While it did slightly bother me, I understand that they (the doctors at the hospital) don’t know Austin (or me). Therefore, it’s probably difficult to know if I’m just a mom that’s overreacting or if my concerns are truly warranted. That saying…
Mother Knows Best” is true. Austin had a follow up appointment with Dr. C on Friday and sure enough, his runny nose had turned into a sinus infection and his cough was diagnosed as croup. His antibiotic has helped immensely and it's a 14-day antibiotic. He’s been so much happier and content now that his tummy issues are under control that having a sinus infection and croup have been a piece of cake! Austin’s test results were still not available and Dr. C is going to check on them for us. So, I should have news this week (hopefully!)

The Buddy Walk is ONE week away! If you’d like to donate, please click on the “feeling charitable” tab on my blog. All donations go directly to The Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. We’d love to have you walk with us and you don’t have to donate to walk. Just let me know so I can give you more information. The Buddy Walk is a lot of fun and there are a lot of fun activities for children of all ages. In a way, I feel a little guilty because I spent a lot more time last year preparing for the Buddy Walk. Then again, I HAD more time to do fun stuff like that. I also raised a lot more money last year. I know it isn’t all about that, but I feel giving back to the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas is so important. I wasn’t as busy last year and Austin wasn’t nearly as active. Next year, I’ll start fundraising for the Buddy Walk MUCH earlier. More than anything, I always want to raise awareness.

Time to fold laundry and get ready for a new week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings & Fun At The Park

November already?

Austin is still going strong and doing well. The changes that we've made diet wise seem to be working well. The test results should be in at the end of the week. We have a follow up appointment with Dr. C on perhaps we'll receive the results then?

No, he doesn't use this carseat as he's obviously way TOO big for it. Miss T uses it when she's here...apparently, the infant carseat and bumbo chair are his new favorite "toys."

We didn't really have any plans for Halloween. I planned on taking Austin and Miss T to the pumpkin patch, but we were never able to go because Austin was always so sick. Our friends, Abbie, Rick and Baby Noah (I've written about them before, they have an awesome website that I mentioned a few weeks ago- check it out) invited us to go trick-or-treating with them. It's nice to have friends that live so close...they literally live a minute away from us.  Austin and Noah scored a lot of candy for their parents. I haven't let Austin eat candy, although I'm certain he'd enjoy it. He's a little young. For now, I'm perfectly okay with him not knowing what candy is (or how good it tastes.) Not to mention, he's been eating ridiculously healthy foods lately, which makes me a very happy Mommy! :)

Baby Noah as a Lion and Austin as Superman.

November is going to be busy! I have a baby shower to go to for our near and dear friend, Amy. Amy is the one who gave me an amazing baby shower for Austin. The next weekend is Miss T's 1st birthday and THE BUDDY WALK! I have to squeeze in Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards too.  I'm in the middle of scheduling a photo with our fabulous photographer. Thank God she's flexible.

For those whom don't know, Miss T is a sweet little girl that hangs out with us during the week...and we also take her to private therapy. Austin and Miss T have busy schedules and they handle it so well. It's rare that we have a day that doesn't involve therapy. I took advantage of that rarity today and decided to take them to the park. We fed the ducks, read a few books and even sang a few songs.

Life is beautiful and good.