Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 for 21, DAY 6

I always seem to meet the coolest people at Target. Tonight was no exception.

I was in the checkout line and the cashier immediately smiled at Austin and said hello. She asked me how old he was and said he was 19 months old. She replied, “He’s so cute.” I thanked her. Then she said something that caught me off guard…”He’s really small for 19 months. “ I explained to her that he has Down syndrome and that children with Down syndrome are usually smaller than typical children. She nodded with a smile and said, “My uncle is 34 and has Down syndrome. I knew he (Austin) had Down syndrome the minute I saw him. There really is nothing like it (Down syndrome). They are just such amazing people.” I was so touched by her words. I told her that you really have to know someone with Down syndrome to truly understand how beautiful that extra chromosome is. She agreed and told me that each time she goes to visit her uncle, they always watch Star Wars together. Apparently, he’s a big fan.

My heart was filled with joy as I left Target and I needed that. I was also reminded that people with Down syndrome really aren’t all that different. In fact, they are MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT! :)

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