Monday, October 3, 2011

31 FOR 21, Day 3

You probably won’t know just by looking at your newborn if she or he has Down syndrome – unless you’re a doctor or have extensive medical training. Of course, there are always a few exceptions. However, it seems like most of my fellow moms/friends were quite surprised to learn their child had Down syndrome.

So…what would make a doctor suspect that a child might have Down syndrome? It’s not just physical traits…but the physical traits are what will likely cause a child’s pediatrician to take a second look.

My friend, Abby, is a Pediatrician and she wrote an amazing blog post about 5 Common features (markers) Of Down syndrome. Abby and her husband, Rick, are the proud parents of Noah, a beautiful baby boy who happens to have an extra chromosome. They have an awesome website/blog that is VERY beneficial! Not to mention, they share pictures of videos of their ridiculously cute son. Abby’s explanation of characteristics of Down syndrome is the best I’ve read, by far. She has the expertise of a Physician and the compassion of a mom. Abby is also putting together a “New Parent Guide.”

Check out Abby’s post about 5 Common Features of Down syndrome HERE .

Check out Abby and Rick’s New Parent Guide HERE  .

More tomorrow!

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