Friday, October 14, 2011

31 FOR 21, Day 14

I finally have time to sit down and write a REAL update! I’m trying to follow through with 31 for 21…although it’s more difficult this year because we have A LOT more going on.

 I think I can, I think I can…

Austin hit a really important milestone tonight…he walked ALL ON HIS OWN, took 2 steps! He’s been standing up in the middle of the room (without holding on to anything) for about 2 months. He stood up and took 2 steps tonight-out of nowhere! Private Physical Therapy has definitely paid off. However, Austin is very stubborn during therapy. His Physical Therapist is going to be SO EXCITED on Monday when I tell her he took 2 steps. He won’t even stand up on his own in therapy. He’ll pull up, of course…but he won’t stand in the middle of the room like he does at home. I’m definitely going to keep my camera close by this weekend so I can video him.

This is a milestone I’ve looked forward to for a long time. I also have a feeling we’ll be in trouble because Austin will REALLY get into everything. He already does. He tries to open doors and it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out. Looks like we’ll have to get those baby proof things that go over the door knobs. Our home is baby proofed with electrical outlet covers and gates. However, there are pictures frames and other things that Austin can reach. Instead of blocking off everything that a baby/toddler can destroy, I like to teach Austin boundaries. He knows that certain things are not for him to touch. We continue to redirect him and let him know that the picture frames and Play Station 3 are NOT for touching.

Austin went to the doctor earlier this week because he wasn’t acting like himself. I went with my motherly instincts and sure enough, he has a viral infection. His tonsils were swollen, which explains why he didn’t want to eat or drink. I don’t know HOW, but he weighs 24 pounds. I even had him weighed without his clothes on, so I know it was correct. I worry so much about his finicky eating. He’s ALWAYS moving too, so I know he doesn’t consume enough calories. Thankfully, he drinks a lot of milk and Pediasure. I think he’s building more muscle, which may explain why he’s 24 pounds!! Either way, I’m happy about his weight since he’s considered a little underweight for his height.

I’m so proud of Austin and his progress. He has to work twice as hard to reach milestones- and he reaches them when HE’S ready. Now, if I can just get him to clean up his toys…

More tomorrow.

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