Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Haircuts And Other Happenings

The month of September is coming to an end and I’m convinced someone pressed the fast forward button when I wasn’t looking.

Some of you may remember, but I write articles for The Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas that are published quarterly in their newsletter. I interviewed a family that is very near and dear to my heart. Here’s the link to the article; scroll down to page 6.


Austin had his first haircut last month. He did so well and the woman who cut his hair said he was a “model first haircut baby.”



Austin has been such a stinker in all of his therapies lately. He’s beyond stubborn and tries to flash his cute little smile to get out of working. Luckily, his Physical Therapist and Speech Therapist know him very well. They can resist his sweet smile when it comes to therapy and working on his goals. His Occupational Therapist is also learning to resist his charm.

We saw the Pediatric Cardiologist last week. The hole in Austin’s heart is still there, but has shrunk from 10mm to 8mm. He will still require surgery to repair the hole, but his Cardiologist determined that he’s DEFINITELY a candidate for surgery that will go through his leg to repair the hole- verses open heart surgery. The right side of his heart is still significantly enlarged due to hole. However, it will go back to a normal size once the hole is repaired. We were looking at surgery at age 2. Dr. K now feels that we can wait until Austin is 2 ½ -3 for surgery.

We also saw our Genetic Doctor last week. He was very impressed with Austin and even noticed how good he is at problem solving. We are starting a new vitamin regimen that is considered “controversial” to some. Dr. Wilson supports our new plan for beginning Nutrivine.

Last Sunday marks 8 weeks of breaking out into hives. I had a blood test to determine what I’m allergic to and much to my dismay… I’m not allergic to any of the common food and airborne allergies. Obviously, the test cannot possibly look for EVERY allergy…so it’s likely I’ll never know WHAT I’m allergic to. The hives have become less severe, but they are still present and rearing their ugly head. I bet you’re all itching just reading this... I just wish I KNEW what was causing this allergic reaction so I could make sure to avoid it.

That’s all for now.


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