Thursday, July 28, 2011

Change Can Be Good

There are several changes going on in our household. First of all, my husband received a job offer last week. He GLADLY accepted it. The old saying, “When God closes a door, he opens a window” is so true. However, it’s often difficult to find comfort in that statement when so much is unknown. Three months ago, I wasn’t sure what God was up to and I was struggling with trying to understand WHY? I get it now. My husband was hand-picked for this job out of several applicants and I’m proud of him. It’s at a BIGGER and much better company. We still had our benefits during his layoff, but I was constantly stressing about what we would do once they ended? Now, we are able to keep our insurance benefits without having to worry about when they will cease. And my husband will still have his annuity and pension that he’s had for the past 5 years. This is all very good news and I’m so incredibly thankful to God for this unexpected blessing. He ALWAYS has a better plan!

One of my close friends from Mommy and Me asked me if I would be interested in watching her PRECIOUS 8 month old daughter, Miss T, during the week. I really had to think about it, as our schedule is already crazy. Miss T’s mom even set up her therapies to coincide with Austin’s at the same location. The more I thought about it, the more excited I was! I know I've mentioned this a time or ten, but Austin has severe separation anxiety. However, he seems to do better in settings with other children. I think having Miss T with us during the week will help a lot. Not to mention, she’s such a sweet baby and such an inspiration. She’s a fighter! After being sick for so long, she had heart surgery in May and is like a completely different baby. She now has a lot of energy and that’s exciting. I’m also looking forward to working with Trinity and watching her grow and thrive. Although I haven’t experienced heart surgery (yet), I can say that I have several tricks up my sleeve that can help Trinity grow and develop to the best of her potential. I wouldn’t have been able to say that a year ago ;-) I know we will have fun with Miss T! And it will also be nice because Austin will learn to share and my very favorite rule, “Ladies First.”

Here’s a fun early childhood education fact:

75% of a child’s brain growth occurs between birth and age 6! These early years are SO important.

I had to cancel 2 of Austin’s therapies yesterday because I had to go to the doctor. Last weekend, my body suddenly decided to break out into hives. And I don’t mean a few hives. Oh no. I was covered in hives from my neck to my feet. I have no known food allergies. I am allergic to a few antibiotics, but I haven’t been on any recently. I took Benadryl and most of them went away. Unfortunately, they decided to come back with a vengeance the next night…it was even worse- this time they were on my face. Despite taking Benadryl, using Hydrocortisone cream and taking an Oatmeal bath…the hives are still present. Apparently I had been running a fever, but wasn’t aware of it until my temperature was taken at the Allergy Doctor’s office. She thinks it’s probably viral, but can’t be sure? She told me to take Alegra, which unlike Benadryl, doesn’t have the groggy side effect. I was hoping she’d give me one of those shots they give you for an allergic reaction or put me in quarantine…ANYTHING to make it go away! But no such luck. She said they cannot perform allergy testing while I’m covered in hives, but will do so when I come back in 5 weeks. I forgot to ask her what I should do if the Alegra DOESN’T work? So far, I’m still itchy and covered in hives. I cannot recall ever breaking out into hives or having this type of allergic reaction? I did break out into hives as a baby due to an allergic reaction from an antibiotic…but of course, I have no memory of it. Surely this isn’t normal…I mean I can’t go around with hives all over my body, right? It’s uncomfortable and provokes anxiety because I’m constantly scratching my skin.

Anyway, enough about my unknown allergic reaction/hives. . .

Here’s a video of Austin dancing to “The Cupid Shuffle.” Yes, my son likes to dance to rap music. Does that make me a bad mom? I hope not. I mean, we only jam out to the edited versions…

Happy Thursday!

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