Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keep On Keepin' On

An update is long overdue. On top of all our therapies, I’ve also been fighting with our insurance company. I’ll admit, it’s exhausting going back and forth with the them. Their tactics are genius because they entail a lot of work. It’s quite easy to start feeling hopeless and just “give up.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned when dealing with health insurance companies, it’s to be persistent. They will make it outlandishly difficult. However, if you’re annoying persistent enough…it often pays off. I’m convinced they don’t give in until they’ve expelled every last ounce of energy in your mind and body.

Austin is growing like a weed and doing new things all the time. It really is amazing!  He's 22 pounds and 31 inches long. Yes, you read that correctly...31 inches long!! Like most toddlers, he does things when HE wants to do them. And you cannot convince him to do something if he’s made up his mind that he’s not in the mood. As you can imagine, this makes our therapy sessions quite interesting. I’ve come to the conclusion that our therapists are saints and have the patience of Job. I’m not delirious, I know my son can be a little stinker. I find myself getting embarrassed when he gives his therapists the “stink eye” for making him work so hard when he has no interest in doing so. He’ll just fall back and lie on his Physical Therapist’s lap in the middle of therapy. Or he’ll turn around and give her that sad, pathetic look that always works for Mommy and Daddy. Luckily, she stands her ground, but I know it’s difficult because he’s so CUTE!

According to the calendar, it’s technically still ‘Spring‘. The temperature outside has already spiked to the TRIPLE digits. How do we cool off when it’s hot? We go swimming! Austin LOVES to swim. He’s truly a little fish. For reasons unknown, he likes to dunk his head in the water. He’s so silly.

We attended our first minor league baseball game last weekend thanks to Las Colinas Vision Center. This is the same place that sponsored Austin in the Buddy Walk last year. We are so grateful for Austin’s Aunt Amy and all the wonderful people associated with LCVC! The game started at 7, but it was still incredibly hot outside. Austin wasn’t really bothered though. He just wanted to get down and GO GO GO…I was skeptical about letting him crawl on the cement, but figured if it hurt him…he would stop. He’s long past the point of wanting to be held. He’s always looking to escape our arms. He had fun exploring the cement and attempted to eat a few rocks, but we paid close attention and no rocks were digested, thank God! Austin is definitely ALL BOY!

Our biggest struggle right now is eating. Austin is so finicky. I would give my right arm if he’d just eat a grilled cheese or even a chicken nugget. I have to puree ALL of his food, except Graham Crackers, Cheerios, Gerber Cheetos and Yogurt Bites. Austin excels greatly in gross motor areas and even some fine motor areas. However, our biggest road block is definitely eating/texture. Yes, my almost 16 month old still eats baby food. Even though it’s homemade and much thicker than any jarred type of baby food…it’s still baby food. And this is where I struggle…because it’s something else that makes him “different.” Another challenge. Another delay. Another therapy. I’ll be honest, it makes me sad. I wish something as simple as eating wasn’t such a struggle. Ryan and I do everything but dance on the table to get him to eat. And what we do one time may not work the next. I think this bothers me so much because the progress is not consistent. Some days he’ll eat an entire jar of chopped carrots and Macaroni and Cheese. Other days I can’t get him to even open his mouth for the food. I know he’s capable of eating “real food” because I’ve seen him do it. His Speech Therapist has said the same thing, too. We will keep working hard and persevere. And I will pray for peace!


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  1. Ha, guys sound JUST LIKE ME!

    I must have called our insurance a billion times saying, "I KNOW A 1 MONTH OLD DOESN'T NEED 'SPEECH THERPY,' IT'S ACTUALLY FEEDING THERPY!!!! NO, NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND...IT IS IS IS IS IS FEEDING THERPY!!!!"

    ha, had to ask for forgiveness when i got off the phone with those folks! :)