Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank you

At this time a year ago, I was miserable HUGE and swollen. Little did I know, Austin was getting ready to make his grand entrance in a few days.

I think I’m in denial that my baby is turning 1! It’s been such an amazing year. We’ve had so many beautiful experiences that we otherwise wouldn’t have had.

The day we received the results of Austin’s Karyotype, we were also waiting for some of my former co workers to stop by and see Austin for the first time. Jessi arrived first and I remember my phone ringing shortly after. The minute I heard Dr. C’s voice on the other end, I just knew. She asked me if Ryan was there and suggesteted I put her on speaker phone. She explained the results and said that Austin’s Karyotype results confirmed that he does have an extra #21 chromosome. She said a few other things regarding chromosomes, but I honestly can’t remember. At that moment, my heart sank. It’s what I knew all along, but this made it official. And that hurt. I didn’t cry at first. I had so many questions, but yet I couldn’t manage to get any of them out. Dr. C was very compassionate with her words. Not all doctors have the gift of compassion, but she does. I remember her telling us to just hold each other. After we got off the phone, I saw Ryan’s face. He was in shock. That's when the tears began falling. Ryan rarely cries, but in that moment he was crying because he felt like there was no way to ever tell Austin "there's something wrong" with him. He's perfect in our eyes and an extra chromosome wasn't going to change how we felt about our son. Still, we hurt for him. Jessi, of course, heard the entire conversation. She happened to be holding Austin while we were on speaker phone with Dr. C. You would think someone in her situation wouldn’t know what to do. Jessi is one in a million. And true to her sweet nature, she immediately took Austin to Ryan. She knew he needed to hold him. She hugged and comforted me. I don’t know if Jessi will ever know how much it meant to us that she was there. Ryan was crying his eyes out while holding Austin. It’s a situation that should’ve been awkward, but it wasn’t. She needed to be there and I fully believe God put her there at that very moment for a reason. To this day, Ryan still talks about how comforting Jessi was in those moments of shock and sadness.

Casie came over next and I answered the door…trying to hide my tears. As we were sitting there, I broke down and that’s when I told her, “we just found out Austin has Down syndrome.” She, too, was comforting and we will forever be grateful for that.

Shannon sent me the sweetest email that day: “Austin is so lucky to have been born into a family with so much love for him and each other. He has been blessed with the best parents in the world who would do anything for him. Austin is a beautiful baby with so much to offer this world. I can tell by his calm personality that he loves to be around people.”

I called my best friend since 4th grade, Katie, and let her know the official news. Katie was in shock, but she remained positive and has researched so much about Down syndrome so she can better understand it.

I called Neele, Austin’s God Mother, to tell her the news. She was in shock, as well. She explained to me that she loved Austin no matter what. And you know what? That love is mutual to this day.

Amy called me the next day. She explained that she loved Austin and Down syndrome wouldn’t change that. Her words were exactly what I needed.

Thank you- Jessi, Malinda, Casie, Katie Saldana, Amy, Shannon, Katie, Neele and Donna.

I know these girls may never understand how much they impacted our lives during such a difficult time, but they were so comforting. Most of them knew about my quad test and my fears during pregnancy. You truly know who your true friends are in times like this.

As corny as it sounds, their love and compassion will forever be etched in my heart. We are so incredibly blessed. All of our friends have been incredibly supportive. You know who you are: ALL OF MY FAMILY!, Ryan’s Family!, Hunter and Amy, Candice and Jason, Jeremy and Amber, Justin, and Nikki, Barbra B, Chelsea and Hunter, Lou and Mike, Lari and Lisa, Shaunda, Kim, Faust family, Howard family, Billington family and SO MANY MORE! I’m so sorry, I know I’m forgetting some people, but please know we are so thankful for your support during this past year.


  1. This was a beautiful post. It made me cry just reading it. Your right when the going gets tough you find out who your true friends are. Sounds like you are sorrounded by so much love & support which is wonderful. I agree that Austin is one lucky little boy!

  2. This made me cry too :( yet I still love reading your blog. Austin is so lucky to have you and I think you and Ryan are even more lucky to have him. He is so precious and adorable!!!