Monday, January 17, 2011


Austin hadn’t had therapy for nearly a month due to his surgery and the holidays. Both his OT and therapist noticed major changes and progress on Thursday at therapy. I could tell they were so impressed, which made my heart feel so incredibly good. All of his hard work has paid off! He’s more stable on his feet, able to sit for a longer period of time, playing with his toys for entertainment…not just grabbing them or putting them in his mouth. ALSO…he’s rolling his Oball to us and when he roll it back to him, he rolls it back to us and so on. He’s playing with us and he catches on so fast!

Unfortunately, Austin’s sick at the moment. My sweet boy just can’t catch a break. Being the germ-a-phobe that I am, I noticed a few snotty noses at our Mommy and Me class last week. Sure enough, Austin woke up on Saturday morning congested and covered in snot. I know getting sick is inevitable when you’re around other children and it’s important to build up immunities. As a teacher, I think I’ve built up every immunity that there is. However, the germ-a-phobe in me part of me wants to keep Austin in a bubble and away from the germs. Haha The congestion and runny nose are now accompanied by a screeching cough. We busted out the nebulizer this morning and it looks like we’ll do doing breathing treatments every few hours.

Austin’s getting better at using his hands to feed himself. We’re starting to wean him off the bottle and he seems to be doing well. He actually hasn’t WANTED his bottle for about a month…it’s a struggle to get him to take even a few ounces.

I need to wrap this up. Austin’s MRI is in a few hours and he’ll have anesthesia, so please pray he does well.

Check out the curls! How cute are they?!


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  1. oh man I hope Austin feels better! So glad to hear of his progress... Grady has little curls too! I'll have to show you a picture! Hugs to you mamma, keep up the good work