Friday, January 21, 2011

A Crazy Week

It’s been quite an eventful week for our family. I’m ready for things to go back to our usual, normal and boring routine. I think we sometimes take for granted the joy of simplicity.

We went to Children’s for the MRI. Of course, you have to arrive an hour early and go through the admissions process. Then we’re off to Radiology where we sit. And wait….and wait. This is not a pleasant experience when you have a 10 month old who A) isn’t allowed to eat or drink anything. B) is sounding and feeling worse by the minute. When they finally called our name for the MRI the nurse immediately noticed that Austin didn’t look so well. I explained to her that he’s been congested…and now coughing his little head off. Sure enough, he was running a temperature and they decided it would be best to not perform the procedure(MRI), especially since it was elective to begin with. We wasted 2 hours, but I would rather play it safe and not have Austin put under anesthesia when he’s sick.

I called the pediatrician’s office on our way home and they told us to come in. Dr. C ordered a test for Strep and the Flu, both came back negative…thank GOD! So, Austin was diagnosed with a pesky viral infection and we were advised to continue with our breathing treatments. Unfortunately, Austin didn’t get better…and was back in Dr. C’s office 48 hours later because he was still running a fever. Austin’s nurse suspected he had an ear infection and she was correct. In fact, both of Austin’s ears were infected. He was also diagnosed with Bronchitis. Austin was given a Rocephin shot in the office and he’s also on an oral antibiotic for the next 10 days. Dr. C also mentioned that the tubes and removal of adenoids will benefit Austin greatly. As soon as we can get him well, I’ll schedule that surgery with the ENT. We can’t reschedule the MRI until Austin’s been well for 4 weeks.

Austin is feeling MUCH better. It was so hard seeing him so sick. Thankfully, his antibiotics are working and he’s about 80% better.

I don’t know if any of you watch Teen Mom 2 on MTV, but it’s probably my most guilty pleasure. I didn’t expect Teen Mom to MAKE ME CRY this week. There is a girl on the show who has twins. She noticed that one of the twins doesn’t seem to be developing like the other. Apparently, the baby has some nerve damage…she won’t put weight on her legs or grasp things. They had a less than tactful doctor who blurted out, “Her arms are too short…she‘s not proportionate” I know what it feels like to be told there’s something “wrong” with your child. And by wrong, I mean different. It’s devastating and it doesn’t help when the doctor has the personality of a rock. The baby girl on Teen Mom is precious…looking at her sweet face, I didn’t see anything wrong with her. I just wanted to pick her up and love her.

Don’t even get me started on American Idol…I had tears when a woman told her story of having a special needs child. She was encouraged NOT to continue her pregnancy, but she chose to give her daughter a chance. Her daughter has some hearing problems, but other than that she’s pretty healthy.

Okay, enough about my reality shows. It just amazes me how differently I look at situations now that I’m a mom. Especially a mom of a child with special needs. I can empathize more with others…what a beautiful gift. I have Austin to thank for that!


  1. Oh, I cried at BOTH those things!! On Teen Mom when the doctor with NO personality left the room and the Mom started crying and it showed her baby girl just looking up at her...Oh man, I started to cry!! And again on American Idol when that Mother told her story...What strength and courage for such a young Mother...Having Russell has definatly opened my eyes to ANY special needs.
    Austin is a cutie...Hope he feels 100% soon!

  2. Ok, this is so crazy because I totally was a mess when I watched Teen Mom this week, it was a rough night for me for some reason, I totally felt for her and all her emotions. I was hysterical. hugs