Monday, December 13, 2010

Mission Complete

I’m very happy to report that Austin’s surgery to correct hypospadias is complete. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 on Friday morning. Austin was all smiles for the staff and they, of course, fell in love with him. We can’t take him any where without someone wanting to “take him home.” I always tell them they’ll want to give him back when he wakes up at 5 in the morning.

Austin and his MiMi (Ryan's mom)...who was a HUGE help!

The anesthesiologist came to talk to me before the surgery and asked a lot of questions. She explained to me that it usually takes children with Down syndrome longer to wake up from anesthesia. I replied, “he might surprise you.” Of course, I think my child is amazing. I guess certain statements bother me because I feel like Austin’s being put into a “group.” All children are different. This statement is true for children with Down syndrome too. They aren’t all the same. Guess what? Austin DID surprise the anesthesiologist. He was awake before he made it to recovery.

And he's off to the operating room.
As they wheeled Austin off to surgery, he insisted on being on his tummy. This cute little trait earned him a nick name. The staff ended up calling him “Superman” for the remainder of our stay. There were no tears when they wheeled him off…he was quite distracted and happy. Thank God! Dr. B said Austin did great with the surgery and anesthesia. We were able to go home around 12:30.

After surgery...he still wanted to be on his tummy and do "push ups."

We didn’t know what to expect, but by the grace of God…Austin doesn’t seem to be in pain. He was even able to visit Santa Claus on Saturday morning!

Austin's first visit with Santa

I still cancelled all of his activities(therapy, Mommy and Me class, etc.) for this week. He has a tube in place that will be removed on Friday, so he can’t be too wild until it’s out. Speaking of Mommy and me,  we had our first class last Wednesday. It was so much fun! Austin loved interacting, singing and playing with the other children…whom happen to have an extra chromosome like him.

Watch this...I can fly!
Austin’s Nana is flying in to visit us later this week and we’re so excited! Hopefully I’ll have tons of pictures to share from her visit. Christmas is right around the corner and we love spending time with family…I’ll be sure to update soon with lots of pictures from Nana’s visit.

My two "window watchers", Austin and his dog, Cagle.



  1. So glad to hear everything went well!

  2. He sure is cute :) Glad to hear everything went smoothly and Austin is doing well!