Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He’ll Change The World With His Smile

We received the rest of our photos(all 85 of them!) from the photo shoot last month and were completely blown away. Our photographer captured more than just Austin in the physical sense. She captured his beautiful, sweet soul.

He makes my heart feel so good.

I'm certain that God gave Austin to us for several reasons...he's going to do things that some claim he'll never do. How do I know this? Because he already has and is. And he does it to show others that having Down syndrome doesn't mean his life isn't worth living. There isn't high or low functioning...Austin has strengths and weaknesses, just like all of you. He smiles when he's happy and loves to laugh. He also screams when he's mad and cries tears when he's sad. No, he's not always happy because he has Down syndrome. He expresses a variety of different emotions and feelings on a daily basis. Yes, he and his friends whom have an extra chromosome too, are different. God doesn’t love us based on our outward appearance. He doesn’t love us any less based on our sins and he is always willing to forgive. He loves us because he knows where our heart is. That’s what matters to God.

Imagine how beautiful it would be if everyone looked past the outward appearance of Down syndrome? The beauty of their heart and soul would introduce you to a love like no other. Perhaps then you would see and feel what we do when we look at our children.

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  1. This was really beautiful...What you wrote about God knowing our hearts and thats what matters, really touched me.
    The pictures are amazing, Austin is a cutie :)