Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Projects and Hoodie Weather

Bed time, why must you torture me? Bed time at our house has become a drama fest. We have the acid reflux under control, but Austin still screams when we put him in his crib. He has to fall asleep on one of us or while I’m rocking him and then I “sneak” him into his crib. What’s the big deal? Why not just let him fall asleep on you or rock him to sleep? The problem is that he will rely on these methods to go to sleep...like a crutch. He needs to be able to put himself to sleep and self soothe(to an extent). I can’t let him fall asleep on me or rock him every night when he’s 5 years old. It’s so hard because I cannot stand to see him upset. At least he’s not throwing up in his crib anymore, now we have to deal with the severe separation anxiety. We’ll get through it, I just have to remain tough and consistent. Knock on wood, but he only cried/whined for 10 minutes tonight before he fell asleep. Mission accomplished.

We worked on Austin’s very first “Art Project” today. I tricked him into working on his fine motor skills by finger painting with pudding. I’m not brave enough to add food coloring yet, so we just stuck with plain ole’ vanilla for his first project. He actually enjoyed painting and tasting the pudding.

The final project before it went in the trash(due to the pudding, of course).

I think we will attempt to make a “hand print turkey” later this week. We won't throw that in the trash since it won't be made with pudding or any other food products.

We’ve been working diligently on sitting independently. It amazes me that my son can stand while just holding on to one of my hands, yet refuses to sit. He fights me when it comes to sitting…he’ll straighten out his legs when I try to get him to sit from the standing position and let me know just how much he despises his sitting exercises.

We’ll get there soon :)
The weather is finally getting cooler. And I don’t mean cooler as in 85 degrees, which isn’t that cool at all…but feels cooler when you’re used to temperatures of 95 or above for months on end. ThankyouverymuchTexasweather. I actually busted out Austin’s Fall/Winter hoodies, jackets and pants today. It was actually COLD outside. I was actually able to wear one of my favorite items of clothing…A HOODIE!
Happy Tuesday…almost Wednesday, everyone. Enjoy the “hoodie weather.”


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  1. I'm a fellow non-rocking mama! It's tough to listen to them cry, but it's so great to have them know how to get themselves to sleep...it will pay off in the end! Sutter still cries from time to time, but most of the time he falls asleep on his own for naps and bed without a fuss!

    Good luck with the sitting....sounds like he is one stubborn little man! :)