Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wisdom of a Duck, 31 for 21, Day 7

The weather has been AMAZING lately. I decided it was far too beautiful outside to waste the day away indoors. Austin and I decided to visit a park near our neighborhood this morning. He had a lot of fun. I pushed him on the swing, which he loved! We strolled around the park and he observed the people and of course, the dogs. Austin LOVES dogs! I can already tell he’ll be a dog/animal lover like his Daddy and I. After we finished playing, we strolled down to the giant pond and fed the ducks. Austin watched them intently as they devoured ate the bread we tossed out to them.

Ducks always remind me of my beloved Grandfather, “Papa.” Papa played golf every Saturday and Sunday. When he was finished playing golf, he’d go home and relax in his grey recliner while watching professional golf . There were very few events that could take the place of an important Golf Tournament on television. His nickname on the golf course was “Stud Duck.” I can’t recall the exact story behind the nickname. There’s a memorial on the golf course where he was a member. There’s also a respectable duck figurine next to it. When I was in second grade, I remember Papa sharing a story he had seen on the news. It was December and children were writing letters to Santa at school. One little girl with a disability asked Santa to please give her one day where no one made fun of her. Heartbreaking...just heartbreaking. After he shared this story, he reminded me of the importance of not making fun of others because they’re different. I don’t remember the specifics of our conversation that day, but I do know he felt strongly about what he was conveying to me. He passed away in 1995.

I know Papa would've loved Austin. His words on that December day mean so much more now than ever. I know Austin will face challenges because he‘s different. Let’s face it, kids can be cruel. I can feel my heart breaking each time I think about him having to deal with bullies. All kids will deal with some sort of bullying in their life. I don’t want Austin to be a target for bullies because he has a disability, yet I know it’s inevitable. You don’t even have to have a disability…you just have to be “different.” I just feel instinctively overprotective when it comes to Austin’s feelings. I think any parent can relate to that. Is it ridiculous to dream that bullying will be a thing of the past when Austin starts school? All I can do is pray and have faith.

Woohoo, week one is completed of 31 for 21! Many more to come. :)


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