Sunday, September 26, 2010

Going Going Going

It feels good to finally sit down and put my feet up. I feel as though I’ve been going, going, going…and I’m certainly no energizer bunny.

I’m incredibly happy to report that Austin is officially sleep trained. He sleeps in his crib and there are no tears. He’s been sleeping through the night lately…which is beautiful. Austin is such a morning person baby. He used to wake up at 7 in the morning, which is totally doable for this not so morning mommy. However, now that he’s sleeping through the night, he wakes up any where between 6-6:15. He has an internal clock, just like his Daddy.

Last week, Austin decided that he was going on strike…with his bottle. To say that he “refused” his bottle is an understatement. He threw a fit and acted like we were torturing him each time we held the bottle to or even near his mouth. The strange thing is: he devoured his baby food and fruit oatmeal. Formula is his main source of nutrition until age 1. I’m thankful he does well with solids, but they don’t contain the adequate calories/nutrition that he needs to grow and thrive! I took him to the doctor and they determined that it probably had to do with his teeth. I’ve been saying it for a while now, but he’s about to cut a tooth. The doctor said he’s showing all the signs. He’s just having such a hard time with his teeth.

Therapy is going well. We’re working extra hard and Austin is extra stubborn. There aren’t any tears, but there sure is a lot of screaming and protesting from my opinionated 7 month old. His therapist said that a lot of babies with Down syndrome are stubborn. My baby certainly is and it may have something to do with Down syndrome. On the other hand, I have to admit that he comes by it honestly. ;-)

The Buddy Walk is coming up in November and we’re so excited! One of my close and dear friends, Amy, convinced her company to be a corporate sponsor for our team, Austin’s Angels! Also, one of my other dear friends, Shannon, met her personal fundraising goal for Austin’s Angels in less than a month. I’m constantly amazed by how generous and caring people are. There are donations on our team page from people who don’t even know Austin or us. He has so many people who love and care about him and we are so, so thankful and grateful. It’s very important to Ryan and I that our family and friends treat Austin just like any other kid. That’s how we treat him. This has never been an issue because they all do. I know they’re aware that he‘s different, but they treat him like a baby first and foremost. You can tell that they truly love him…just for him. I’m constantly reminded how lucky and blessed we are for all the amazing friends and family -you know who you are!

Austin’s urology surgery is less than 2 weeks away. It will actually take place on my, *gasp* 26th Birthday. The best birthday present ever would be for his surgery to go well, with no complications and most of all, a minimal amount of pain for him. My parents will be in town for his surgery...we are so thankful for their help! They are truly the best parents and grandparents, ever.

Life is busy, but we’re lovin’ it!


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