Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'll Take Three

I would never claim to be a poet because I’m certainly not. This is merely something that came from my heart.

I'll Take Three

Who would you be without those three?
Before you were born I was scared.
They told me there was a 2% chance you could have Down syndrome.
Surely God wouldn’t pick me.
There’s no way I could be a mother to a child with three.

I prayed for you to be healthy and you were.
I asked the doctors and nurses if you looked like you had an extra chromosome.
None of them knew for sure.
When you opened those beautiful eyes and looked into mine I just knew.
You indeed had three and not two.

I cried for me.
I cried for your daddy.
I cried for your grandparents too.
Most of all, I cried for you.
I told God I didn’t understand.

My tears were soon replaced with an unimaginable new love.
Your almond shaped eyes twinkle at almost everyone you see.
I often stare at you as you sleep.
Sometimes I still can’t believe God gave you to me.
Who would have thought I would be so thankful for those three?

You have so much ahead of you and I cannot wait to see who you will be.
You might not grow up to be a doctor, but you your sweet soul is healing.
You might not grow up to be a dentist, but your smile lights up my world.
Do not mind what others say.
You continue to prove them wrong day after day.

We are incredibly thankful to God for making you extra special.
If God were to say, “I’ll give him two and not three.”
I would smile and say, “No thank you, not for me.”
We wouldn't change anything about you,not even for a day.
Who’s to say two is better than three anyway?


  1. Beautiful, you're going to make me cry. I love it.

  2. I love your poem. It is exactly what I think with my daughter. I live in the Waco area. I have an 11 month old daughter that was born with Down syndrome. You sound so positive and so early in this journey. That is so great. 3 months after Olivia was born, we went to the Buddy Walk in Round Rock. It was hard in some ways, but very encouraging in others. If you would like to email, feel free to contact me at . I am still pretty new in all this as well. I read a lot like you said that you do. Take care and thank you for sharing the poem.

  3. This is beautiful! Do you mind if I share it on my blog that I have for my baby sister who has DS?

  4. I like it ALOT!! who said you could not write a poem!! extra RoCKs!! smiles

  5. I just came across your blog, your son is beautiful, and I LOVED this poem, it was very touching :)