Monday, July 19, 2010

ECI and Therapy

Austin had his monthly visit from ECI today. He doesn’t receive therapy. His ECI teacher basically observes him and asks me a lot of questions. She said Austin’s right on track. However, we need to work on sitting and “baby push ups” for his crawling technique. Austin LOVES to sit. However, we need to let him do the work and learn to balance so he can sit independently within the next few months. According to ECI, he’s not delayed. Therefore, he doesn’t receive any sort of therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful he’s not showing any signs of being delayed right now. However, I feel that he would benefit from some sort of occupational therapy. I can(and do!) work with him at home, but I can’t implement techniques and exercises to help him move forward when he’s not receiving therapy to begin with. I’m very thankful for ECI, but I feel it’s time to possibly take Austin to Therapy outside of ECI. There’s a reputable place that specializes in Occupational and Physical therapy for Children, so I will probably give them a call tomorrow.

...If you're happy and you know it, grab your feet...

Austin’s developing quite the personality. He’s generally happy and easy going. He laughs when I tickle him and it’s so darn cute! He’s starting to explore his environment more and by explore, I mean put everything in his mouth. He could care less about his Paci. He’s been over the pacifier for about a month. He was never too wild about it to begin with. He’s getting better at eating and swallowing solid food(rice cereal). He ate an entire bowl of rice cereal the other night! It seemed as though I couldn’t get the cereal in his mouth fast enough. Rice Cereal is usually hit or miss with him. Sometimes he can’t wait to eat it and other times he could care less about it.

My parents are coming to visit at the end of the month and help out with Austin while I have oral surgery. We're so excited to see them! I have an impacted and severely infected wisdom tooth. Ryan works out of town during the week, so it’s been hard dealing with severe tooth pain. I can’t take my pain medicine during the day because it makes me too groggy. If you’ve ever dealt with tooth pain, you know Tylenol doesn’t even “touch” it, but that’s what I’ve been relying on during the day. Thankfully, Ryan should be finished working out of town by the end of July or early August. It’s been a rough 2 months without my husband here during the week and I know it’s been just as hard on him.

I hope all of you are staying cool. I’m ready for Fall!



  1. Austin is just so cute!!! It could be different in every state, but because of his diagnosis you should be able to request therapy through your EI program and they will pay for it and send the therapist to your house. Based on Sutter's development they were not providing PT or OT but I thought it would be best to start so that he doesn't fall behind and then we have to catch up. Once I requested it they sent someone out for an eval. and we now get PT once a month and OT once a month. It is just nice to have the "experts" show us what to work on.

    As for the sore tooth try Hylands Teething tablets! I know it sounds crazy but my sister had the same thing and she put three of the tablets up in her gums near the sore tooth, let them dissolve and she said with in minutes her tooth felt 100x's better...worth a try!

  2. What a cutie pie! I agree with you though, he probably would benefit from some therapy. It would be better to be proactive then discover a problem later on. Most EI service won't give ST for kids until 18 months or later so we went private and we are so glad we did.

    Wonderful to hear how great he is doing!