Monday, April 12, 2010

A lovely weekend

We had our initial visit with ECI last Wednesday. The woman from ECI basically asked a lot of questions and gave us an overview of their program. An Occupational Therapist will come out next week to do Austin’s assessment and then we’ll set and work on his goals.

Austin isn’t a fan of “tummy time.” I’ve even tried it on a pillow. What do you know…he goes to his side to avoid being on his tummy. I’m hoping the OT can give me some pointers because I know he needs to continue to strengthen his neck muscles.

My parents came to visit this weekend. I was so sad to see them leave. Austin thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his Nana and Papa.

My husband gave me this beautiful necklace. I saw it on Kelle‘s blog a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! Turns out, it’s made by a fabulous, creative woman by the name of Betsy. Each piece of jewelry is custom made. You can purchase one of these by going to her website

It's time for me to attempt to finish unpacking. I hope all of you had a nice weekend!

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  1. Just a thought, will he do tummy time while laying on your chest??? Both of my boys loved that! Sutter doesn't mind tummy time, but my oldest son Landon HATTED it, but he didn't seem to mind it as much when he was laying on mine or my husband's chest....just an idea!